Thank you for sharing your media on the intersections between Buddhism and social justice!  We are always accepting submissions. Here are our general guidelines, also available at the Home Page along with any current thematic submission guidelines.

Language: Should be clear and accessible. Avoid academic styles, jargon, and flowery lyricism. No footnotes. Refrain from the utilization of polysyllabic signifiers whenever the message permits being communicated by monosyllabic signifiers. That is to say: Don’t use long words when short words will do.

Genres We Accept:

  • Nonfiction features
  • Personal essays
  • Interviews
  • Short fiction
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Photos
  • Multi-media video or audio
  • Visual art and photography in low-resolution (72 dpi) jpeg or png format.

Length: For articles: 500 to 1,500 words. We do occasionally publish longer pieces, but send us an excerpt and a query if your submission is longer than 1,500 words. Query before submitting a media review (book, movie, website reviews).

Author Bio and Headshot: If accepted the author will need to provide a short one-paragraph bio, written in the third person. We also ask for photos of our featured authors. We prefer head-and-shoulders shots with the subject looking directly into the camera.

Gratitude and metta,

Turning Wheel Media

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